Born in Kansas City, Missouri Ann has lived in Colorado most of her life. She attended Colorado State University where she studied vocal jazz. After graduating from CSU, Ann moved back to Kansas City to pursue a career as a jazz singer. She has the most beautiful, hypnotic voice and had a successful career singing and recording with many bands in Kansas City and Colorado. She felt a strong connection to the power of sound and vibration, and in her early 30’s, decided to apply this calling to the healing arts. Ann enrolled in massage school and became a licensed neuromuscular massage therapist. She worked in injury clinics and medical massage settings before opening her own business where she combined her two loves, healing arts and music, into one powerful and unique healing modality, which she refers to as BLISSbowls™.

“My life’s purpose is to bring the healing message of singing bowls to people everywhere by showing them how to live happier, healthier lives through the transformative power of sound and vibration.”

The ancient practice of sound healing has been used for centuries to help people calm and focus the mind, release stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, induce sleep, and purify the soul. The deeply resonant sounds of the bowls are a truly transformational experience for the mind, body, and spirit.

The introduction to singing bowls was a true awakening for Ann. She found that musical medicine, bodywork, and the Healing Arts was a powerful union and BLISSbowls™ was born. BLISSbowls™ Sound Healing and Meditation Methods teach people how to use singing bowls and gongs in a healing capacity so they can bring deep relaxation, centering, awakening, and blissful balance into their world. Ann now teaches on an international platform, reaching students in 81 countries in 29 languages.

“It’s so exciting to see the world embracing the power of sound and vibration from the singing bowls. There is power and medicine in music – and that is what the singing bowls produce. You can feel it instantly in your body. The bowls speak the language of the brain, which is frequency. Everyone comes in with busy beta brains (alert, logic, critical reasoning) circling around in thought. Once the brain gets around these soothing circles of sound, it slows the brain down to an alpha-theta state (creativity, insights, dreams, relaxed state of consciousness) stopping the negative mind chatter, helping the brain to focus. When the mind is relaxed the body will follow making it easy to enter a meditative state. The body was built for vibration, as we are 80 percent water. The singing bowls help relax the body because their vibration travels systemically on the waves of water. The vibration seeps deep into the organs, bones, and joints resulting in a relaxed mind and body, and creates the perfect state to access something deeper – spirit, or pure presence, stillness, or wholeness – whatever it is for you, it is wellbeing. The bowls are especially relevant to our society at this moment in time because many of us feel stress, fear, and anxiety. The bowls are amazing tools for helping people where they are right now because they initiate this relaxation response.”

Ann was excited to read about Five Wellbeing when it first opened in 2017 because the spa supported the healing power of sound and vibration. At that time, most spas she approached were not interested in incorporating the singing bowls into their offering, and she thought, “finally a spa that gets it!”

When she came to visit and tour the spa, she was impressed to see that Five Wellbeing had a singing bowl in every treatment room and that our therapists would begin and end each service with the healing sound and vibration of the bowl. Ann also appreciated our Exhale Room which features zero gravity SolTec® loungers that send synchronous vibrations up and down the body, calming the nervous system. Having treatments that incorporate sound and vibration, whether in the chairs or on the crystal quartz table, elevates the benefits of the treatment and truly calms the whole body. Ann states, “I was in heaven and could not wait to speak with Betsy.”

Ann says, “Training the staff at Five Wellbeing was a highlight for me. The therapists were genuinely interested in learning more about the singing bowls so they could impart that knowledge to guests. An essential part of working with the bowls is to understand the feeling of the amazing vibrations as they travel through the body. It was inspiring for everyone to feel the benefits of giving and receiving.”

Five Wellbeing will be hosting a one-hour online sound bath mediation with Ann on April 3rd. Registered attendees will have the opportunity to experience the healing benefits of a beautiful, soothing, sound bath mediation. Ann will explain how to get the most out of a sound bath experience and guide you through a brief visualization on how to work with the resonance of the bowls. The concert she performs will feature the metal and crystal singing bowls and the crystal harp along with a 38-inch wind gong. This deeply relaxing meditation is the perfect way to welcome in the freshness of spring and plant new seeds for change.

Ann and her husband enjoy RVing in their free time. Ann always brings some of her bowls and creates opportunities to play or meditate with them, often resulting in innovative ideas for classes and articles. The bowls are a people magnet and when she sits outside her RV, people hear the soothing sounds and want to learn more. “It’s great, and a wonderful way to meet people.”

Please check out Ann’s website to learn more. There are online classes that appeal to everyone. Ann also offers a free service to help you buy your own singing bowls.

Please join Ann and Five Wellbeing:

Sowing the Seeds of Change Mediation for a Fresh Perspective

April 3rd 2021 | 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM MST

A Meditative Sound Journey Celebrating Spring, Growth, and New Beginnings

Please Register Here.