About Brooke Havice

Brooke was born and raised in Hays, Kansas, and spent a great deal of time in Colorado vacationing with her family. In the winter months, they came to Colorado to ski, and in the summer, they enjoyed camping and hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. Her family moved to South Carolina when Brooke was in high school, but her love for the mountains and the western lifestyle never went away. After graduating from Clemson University in South Carolina, Brooke attended graduate school in Montana where she met her husband.  They are now happy to call Colorado home.

Brooke considered becoming an esthetician after she graduated from college, but at the time chose to pursue a graduate degree in environmental studies and natural resource conflict resolution.  Natural resource conflict resolution transitioned into a career as a mediator with family court and community mediation.  After moving to Denver, Brooke was not feeling entirely fulfilled in her career and while she was particularly good at helping people through mediation, she wanted to find an outlet where she could incorporate her creative and nurturing skillset. She has always felt passionate about working with people in a way that would help them to feel better about themselves.  She came across the Denver School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics and with one visit thought, “I love this place,” and knew instantly this was what she wanted to do.  “I want to help people and be able to do so in a way that brings me joy and fulfillment. I found my passion a bit later in life, but I am so happy.”

Treatments at Five Wellbeing

Since joining Five Wellbeing last October, Brooke has enjoyed giving many of the exclusive treatments we have to offer. Several treatments are performed on our specialty tables that are unique to Five Wellbeing. The dry float table and the quartz table each provide a deeply relaxing and transformative experience for the guest.  “These treatments are so special and give our guests the opportunity for a truly magical experience.”

The Head to Toe Facial is performed on the dry float bed and is one of Brooke’s favorite treatments. It is a treatment that allows you to luxuriate while receiving an exfoliating back scrub, hand, and foot treatment, and full facial. “I love the body treatment component because we are introducing our guests to the Shea Butter and Sugar Scrub that have our essential elemental oils in them. Guests can purchase our signature products and continue the healing experience at home.”

The dry float table is designed with an air pocket on top of the water. Upon laying on the heated air pocket, the air is expelled, and the guest floats in a warm cocoon without getting wet.  This is especially therapeutic for those with joint and back pain and a wonderful way for anyone to spend 1½ hours.

Favorite Products

 Some of Brooke’s favorite products come from the Eminence line and include the Facial Recovery Oil, the Citrus & Kale Potent C & E Mask, and the Wild Plum Eye Cream. “I really enjoy working with Eminence because it is an organic and bio-dynamic skincare line that is cruelty-free, and these three products are vegan!  No scary additives or fragrances.”  Each of Brooke’s product recommendations have won industry awards.

  • Eminence Facial Recovery Oil is a facial massage medium and one of Eminence’s top product recommendations for the winter months.  It is great for all skin types, including sensitive and aging skin.
  • Eminence Citrus & Kale Potent C & E Mask is an “aging-gracefully” wonder.  It contains antioxidants and the power of Vitamin C – brightening, lifting, and toning.
  • Eminence Wild Plum Eye Cream addresses dark circles and the under-eye area. It brightens and hydrates and visibly diminishes signs of aging.

In Her Spare Time

When she is not at work, Brooke enjoys spending time with her husband and their two dogs, Ralph and Nellie. They love to hike, ski, and spend time near water (in Colorado that’s a river). In the summer, you can find Brooke in her garden growing as many salad components as possible.

 Employee Spotlight

 Our guests love treatments with Brooke because she strives to address each person’s specific needs with a positive approach. She understands the importance of listening, ensuring she delivers exactly what the guest needs. “Sometimes guests just want to have a relaxing treatment, other times they have a bullet list of issues going on with their skin. I get enormous pleasure out of helping our guests achieve their skincare goals so they can feel really good about themselves.”

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