Born in California, Bryan Hernandez moved to Colorado when he was just two years old and has lived here ever since. He grew up in Aurora and moved to the Denver area about a year ago. When he was young, both his parents had minor issues with their bodies, and he would massage their neck/shoulders and walk on their backs to help them feel better. In high school, he played football and found himself coming to the rescue of friends when they got hurt to ease their aches and pains. Massage was never the idea for an actual job, but when traditional college didn’t work out, he turned to trade school for help. A family friend had talked to him about working as a massage therapist and he decided it would be the perfect fit to allow him a working wage and time to go back to school. He soon realized massage was actually something he could do as a career and his path was set.

He fell into his first job as a therapist rather easily, but after six successful years, he and his wife made the decision to move to the Denver area to accommodate her change in career. Shortly after their move, Bryan saw an opening for a position at Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa online and thought it looked “absolutely stunning”, so he applied and was thrilled when he got the job.

Bryan specializes in massage and our guests love having treatments with him because he has very strong hands, which gives him the ability to accurately massage specific muscles deeply without the use of his elbow. Interestingly enough, he noticed after doing massage for so many years, that most people think they just have pain in one area, but they actually have pain everywhere because it is all connected. As he works on guests, they can actually feel the pain release in different areas, and with the precision work that he does, they notice how much better they feel immediately after the massage is finished. Bryan says, “the first step in self-healing is your own recognition. People carry a lot more tension in their bodies than they realize. Guests come in for one issue and then realize that everything else is slightly off as well.”

When asked about the difference between deep tissue and Swedish massage, he said, “When you have a Swedish massage you are working on different layers of the body. You are working on the superficial layers promoting blood flow and relaxation.” He went on to say, “deep tissue massage is working the layer of muscle that is below the top and it’s normally where any type of cramping or injury you may have going on is held. What your body likes to do is take whatever muscle is pulled or strained and immobilize it so it can heal.” He recommends deep tissue when you need results and says, “when you wake up with a stiff neck or have low back pain, that is when a good deep tissue massage will help bring your body back into balance.” Bryan likes to use the Inspired Vibrational Body Oil because it releases muscle tension and allows him to get to the deeper layers of the muscle more quickly. This oil has a penetrating “cold heat” which restores flexibility and dissolves muscle tension. The peppermint protects the respiratory system, while arnica speeds soft tissue healing.

He recommends a deep tissue massage for anyone, especially here in Colorado where we have such an active lifestyle, and says, “It doesn’t need to be a treatment you always receive but is there to help you in your time of need. If you are receiving a treatment for a specific ailment and not satisfied with the results you are getting, it may be that you need more deep, focused work to help open your body. A lot of people are afraid of deep tissue massage because they associate it with pain, and that is what needs to be dispelled the most. Deep tissue does not mean pain, it means working the deeper tissue of the muscle, and anyone can benefit from that.”

When he is not at work, Bryan has many hobbies he enjoys, and says, “Well, I am a nerd. I play computer games, board games, card games, and I collect cards. In my younger days, I thought that being a pro gamer was my life calling until I realized that I would rather have a couple of friends over for a beer and a board game.”

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