About Ellie

 Like many women who have founded/owned brands, Sprayology began out of a necessity that Ellie saw in the natural medicine marketplace. Prior to founding Sprayology, she had a very successful sales and marketing career where she held executive-level positions for luxury brands including Swatch and Christian Dior. While she enjoyed the work and gained an enormous amount of knowledge and experience, both jobs were very demanding and the toll they took on her body began to show. She was aging quickly, feeling worn out and tired, became severely asthmatic, and allergic to everything. Ellie recalls a time when she walked into a department store and because of all the different perfumes and scents that confronted her; she had to be rushed to the hospital to have a breathing treatment. She was constantly using an inhaler and always worried that if she went to someone’s house they might have something she would react to.

After repeated doctors visits and prescriptions that didn’t work for her, she and her co-founder began to seek answers at a local health food store. They were intent on learning about the different types of natural medicine and their efficacy. What they discovered was that there was not only a void in the marketplace, but the information was not easy to obtain. Ellie says that “25 years ago the health food stores didn’t look like the homeopathic section in stores today. Products were poorly packaged and the information on them was not clear. You didn’t know what was safe or wasn’t safe and there was no Internet back then so you couldn’t just Google something to learn more about a product or the ingredients. You really were at the mercy of the salesperson at the store.” She was eventually drawn to homeopathy because it was the only branch of natural medicine that was regulated by the FDA. She found it effective in alleviating her symptoms and the experience uncovering it was ultimately how Sprayology came to be.

Sprayology: Wellness Simplified

The foundational premise of Sprayology was to “modernize something that was very old and make it more effective, easier to use, easier to understand, and to stand behind the products. Where some companies can have hundreds of SKUs and you can stand there and be lost, we are very clear; we have 18 medicines and 2 vitamins. We put a lot of attention into our formulations and after 20 years, we have many loyal customers who tell us about how they are healthier, feel better, and are taking fewer prescription medications now that they are actively working preventively.”

Products that Rejuvenate, Relieve, Restore and Rebuild

Sprayology’s homeopathic formulas are created to rejuvenate/relieve symptoms naturally and work to restore the body. When asked about who would benefit from their products the most, Ellie says that “There is something in our preventive line for everyone that will simplify their life and potentially reduce any medications that they are taking.”

The company has many bestsellers and the #1 product at the moment is SleepEase, which Ellie says has developed a cult following.

Other bestselling products are:

  • ImmunoBooster – This is the product that got Ellie off her inhaler and healed her body.
  • Hair + Nail Tonic – Improves the health of hair and nails, especially good for people with thinning hair.
  • Stress Relief – Contains Valerian Root, a well-known stress reliever.
  • Arnica Power – Arnica is the #1 selling homeopathic ingredient. Sprayology’s Arnica has three different dilutions and you can spray it on a bruise, sore muscles, or gums for pain relief.
  • AllergEase – A combination of ingredients that is great for allergy relief.
  • Body Balance – Supports adrenal wellness.

Why Five Wellbeing?

 “When we first launched Sprayology we really were looking at more of the health food distribution, but I really think the spa is the future of wellness. People are going with more of a mindset of prevention, stress reduction, and that is what we are about. We work from the inside out and I think the company’s philosophies go hand in hand. We both know our customers care about their health and wellbeing and ultimately want to use natural products in their life.”

Family and Hobbies

 Ellie has been with her husband for over 35 years and very blessed to have three great children who have all embraced natural wellness and a healthy lifestyle – she is happy that what she taught them when they were younger took hold! In her free time, she and her husband like to spend time hiking with their dogs and cooking at home. She is obsessed with home improvement shows and loves doing projects around the house.