Erica Landsman, Massage Therapist

We are excited to introduce our Massage Therapist, Erica Landsman, as our featured therapist for this month. Our guests love her because she gives an amazing massage and creates a safe, soothing environment for people to come and completely relax. Erica has always had a passion for massage. When she was younger, her mother had a bad back and Erica would spend time massaging it to help relieve the pain. She recalls being so happy about how much better it made her mother feel and those memories stayed with her.

After graduating from high school in Michigan, Erica moved to Florida where she ultimately enrolled in massage school. When she first arrived in Florida, she went to tour the Red Door to see what spa life was all about and she knew right away that this was the right path for her. Interestingly enough, after graduating from massage school, she went to speak to the career placement counselor who suggested that she send an application to the Red Door. She did, and after her trade test and interview, they hired her on the spot! Erica rapidly became the lead trainer, responsible for educating the entire team.
After almost ten years, she made the decision to leave Florida and move to Colorado. A client told her about Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa and when she heard about all the unique services offered, from the quartz table, dry float bed, and the Vichy shower, to the Inhale Salt Therapy and Exhale Sound Resonance Therapy, she knew it was something she wanted to pursue. Joining a team that felt like family, with an owner that supported her passion, was a dream come true. She knew she had found an exciting new place that offered specialized treatments that aren’t found in a typical day spa. Erica is now the trainer’s assistant at Five Wellbeing and is going back to school for esthetics; she wants to broaden her horizons so she can offer more services to her guests. She is doing her internship now and plans to be licensed by mid-summer so she can give facials and add full-body experiences to her list of services.

Her recommendation this month for the “Reconnect” Calm Being Wrap comes from a comprehensive understanding of the importance of allowing the body to relax so it can move from the sympathetic nervous system of “fight or flight” to the parasympathetic nervous system of relax and digest. She explains that the absorption of the cannabis (CBD) in the Calm Being Wrap is significantly increased due to the occlusion pressure created by the dry float bed on which the treatment is performed. Unlike THC, CBD will not create a “high” and delivers a powerhouse of antioxidants that defend against free radicals and environmental stressors. It has both anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties that help provide relief from painful joints and muscles, back pain, and skin issues. In addition, it helps to relieve anxiety and stimulates the release of endorphins to naturally repair and balance your body. You will revel in the pure relaxation of this deeply soothing wrap and leave feeling reconnected to your calm state of being.