Spring is the perfect time to renew yourself, especially when it comes to your skin. After long months of cold and dry weather, your skin could use some extra attention. There are many ways to renew your skin, but two of the most effective treatments are the vichy shower body treatment and the dermaplane facial. If you’re new to these skincare treatments, keep reading as we explore their benefits, what to expect during the treatment, and how they can help you achieve a whole new level of skin rejuvenation.

Vichy shower body treatments and dermaplaning facials are two skin renewal treatments that offer remarkable short and long-term results. Vichy shower is a hydrotherapy treatment in which you lie down on a bed while a series of showerheads pour water over your body. It’s a perfect way to relax, but it also has many benefits. A full body scrub with salt or sugar scrub exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. The warm water improves circulation and enhances lymphatic drainage leaving your skin soft and smooth. It’s an excellent way to prepare your skin for other treatments such as body wrap or a massage.

On the other hand, dermaplaning is a facial treatment that involves removing the top layer of dead skin and facial hair using a surgical-grade blade. It may sound extreme, but it’s an effective and gentle treatment suitable for most skin types. Dermaplaning removes the buildup of dead skin, dirt, and oil while promoting collagen production, which results in younger-looking, plumper skin. It’s an ideal treatment before a special occasion or if you’re looking for an easy way to enhance your everyday makeup application.

Both the Vichy shower and dermaplaning can be a relaxing experience. At Five Wellbeing, the vichy shower is combined with a sugar or salt scrub to create a deep sensory experience that relaxes with the water temperature and pressure can be adjusted to your preference. Dermaplaning facial treatments at Five Wellbeing include a cleanse, dermaplane and finishing with organic products. When combined with other facials like masks, facial massages and hand treatment, you can expect even more enhanced results.  One note we always like to share is that dermaplaning is not a great option for acne prone skin. Luckily, we have facial treatments for every skin type. Just check out our facial menu for options.

As you can see, a vichy shower paired with a scrub and dermaplaning facials are both fantastic treatments that provide many benefits for your skin. They’re excellent options if you’re looking to pamper yourself and to achieve a renewed, softer, and clearer skin. It’s important to note that these treatments aren’t one-size-fits-all so be sure to consult with one of our licensed estheticians before trying them out. If you’re looking for a spa that offers these wonderful treatments, check out Five Wellbeing located in Downtown Littleton. Pamper yourself this Spring, you deserve it!