With spring around the corner, the month of March reminds me of the quote, “The only thing that is constant is change.” The universe is always in transition, so the question becomes, how do you shift and find your balance when the circumstances in your life become chaotic?  Do you shy away from them or do you embrace them?

Years ago, as I was preparing to move from California to Colorado, I felt all of the emotions that come with such a major life transition. Before I left for Colorado, I wandered into a store that had beautiful crystals and rocks. There was one that I was so attracted to and I found out that the significance of the stone was all about transitions. It was a sign for me that things were going to be okay and an affirmation to embrace the transition and welcome this new chapter in my life. I brought that crystal to Denver and it reminds me that the only thing in life that is constant is change.

I have learned that life provides us with many opportunities to grow and school is always in session. Just when we think we have crossed a milestone, something else happens and we begin to realize there is no “arrival.” When challenging life transitions occur (as they do for all of us) and you feel like your life is falling to pieces, consider the perspective that maybe you are actually coming together instead of falling apart.

During these times, I also find it helpful to identify things that feed your soul and nurture your wellbeing. Below are five simple things that can help you as you navigate life’s challenges – all of which you have probably heard, but might not remember to practice:

  1. Self-care – Be aware when you have depleted your “gas tank” and be compassionate with yourself. Alleviate stress by taking a yoga class or having a massage – Put yourself first and try something new.
  2. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals, and eat organic as often as possible.
  3. Make sure to get enough good, quality sleep. Create a routine.
  4. Nurture your relationships and lean into them for support.
  5. Be mindful and present. Try a meditation class or app. Spend time with yourself without electronic distractions.

Whatever situation you are currently dealing with, my hope is that you take some time to Pause+Shift+Reflect on it, to gain inspiration by remembering that change is not comfortable for anyone, and there is always something exciting about new beginnings.

Happy Spring!