Five Things You Need to Know About Wellbeing

From identifying the rotten eggs in your life to identifying your strengths, we’ve found five great tips for increasing your wellbeing.

1. Toss Out Those Rotten Eggs

What is your rotten egg? We all have at least one area in our life that is dragging us down unnecessarily. In “15 Tips to Boost Your Wellbeing Happiness” Margarita Tartakovsky, M.D suggests identifying at least one rotten egg in your life and eliminating it. Perhaps it’s giving too much time to news headlines or to an acquaintance who is delivering a stream of bad news. According to Dr. Tartakovsky, your rotten eggs might be small, but when added up they “chip away at your mood and wellbeing.” READ THE FULL ARTICLE

2. Make a Date with a Friend

Do you choose lunch with a friend over an hour at the gym? Good for you! Although we recommend both good times with friends and regular workouts,’s research-based infographic shows that people with strong social ties are 50% less likely to die prematurely. Get the best benefit of both and sign up for a movement class with a friend! READ THE FULL ARTICLE 

3. Unplug and Get Outside

Are your devices leaving you feeling wired at the end of the day? In “5 Keys to Sustainable Wellbeing,” Edie Summers writes “There’s a little-known secret that the natural high of good health trumps all other kinds of highs, artificial or otherwise.” One of the ways Summers suggests sustaining wellbeing is to get back to nature and benefit from the electromagnetic energy of the earth. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

4. Time for School

Still regret that art class you didn’t take? In “5 Proven Keys to Improve Your Wellbeing” Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne writes that research shows adult learning will make you more socially active and increase your sense of worth. Adult and continuing education gives you the opportunity to set new goals and explore your hidden talents. READ THE FULL ARTICLE 

5. Identify Your Strengths

Is curiosity one of your strengths? In “Your wellbeing: more than just a state of mind” Heidi Godman quotes Dr. Ronald D. Siegel of Harvard Medical School on steps to take to improve wellbeing. One of Dr. Siegel’s top five suggestions is to take one of your strengths and apply it to your life in new ways. If you’re curious, READ THE FULL ARTICLE