Five wellbeing facial with esthetician and skin care expert.
Five wellbeing body treatment - sugar scrub.
Five wellbeing massage with professional trained massage therapist.

Welcome To Five Wellbeing Spa

Experience the calming energy that inspires deep relaxation and restores balance.

*Deep tissue massage appointments available by calling spa to schedule.


Day Spa


A cozy and convenient setting in the heart of downtown Littleton, CO.¬† Many have said “it feels like home.”

Your experience begins the moment you step on our front porch. Like coming home where one feels the stress of the day melt away and relaxation begins.

An hour or two is all it takes for our professionally trained therapists to help you experience deep relaxation, leaving you feeling calm and peaceful.

You’ll step back into your day refreshed and restored.

The front of Five Wellbeing with the porch veiw.

Your Five Wellbeing Spa experience begins the moment you step onto our front porch. Welcome! And relax.

Begin Your Five Wellbeing Experience
By Selecting A Spa Treatment Type


  • Melt away your day with one of the unique full-body massage experiences.

    Your massage experience slowly takes away any tension, muscle aches, and stress held in your body.

    Leaving you feeling totally rejuvenated and renewed.

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  • Brighten your skin to a glowing complexion with one of the exclusive facial experiences.

    Your facial experience calms and relaxes the whole body inside and out while addressing your skincare needs.

    You’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready to face your busy day.


Body Treatments

  • Drift off into a peaceful and deep state of relaxation with one of the signature scrubs or wraps.

    Your body treatment experience nourishes and hydrates to soothe and soften your skin.

    Leaving the skin glowing, the body balanced and the mind at peace.

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