five wellbeing balance + hatha yoga + afternoon reset

My name is Julie Hill. I’m a wife, mother of two, a yoga therapist, personal trainer and Reiki healer. I love being outside in nature and enjoy a variety of activities especially mountain sports.

I strongly believe that life is meant to be enjoyed rather than suffered through. I am extremely passionate about teaching practices to students that eliminate pain and tension, so they can get back to doing the activities they love.


wellbeing to me:

Wellbeing to me means being present to myself. It means checking in with how I can best support myself during each part of the day. Whether it be an energetic movement practice or a grounding breathing technique feeling into what would best serve my body and mind.

Our bodies shift and change from day to day as well as throughout the day. Staying present to these shifts allows me to meet life right at that moment more fully, with less resistance, feeling more like my true or best self.

my wellbeing morning:

My wellbeing morning is more fluid than rigid. What I’m referring to here is that it may change from morning to morning not only based on checking in with myself, but also considering my loved ones. Some practices stay the same and there is space for others to ebb and flow. For example, if I am presented with a morning which is more hectic or a member of my family needs my attention, instead of becoming frustrated I can’t take time to do a more traditional yoga movement practice, I might tend to their needs while paying attention to my own breath, using a rhythmic breathing practice. This particular practice encourages ease and calm which may carry over into how my son or daughter is breathing and bring more ease to them.

There are parts of my wellbeing morning do stay the same. For example, I find huge benefits from the Ayurveda practices of Abhyanga (a light oil massage before stepping into the shower – particularly in Colorado’s dry environment), oil pulling, and tongue scraping.  I do these each morning.

go to morning beverage:

I drink a warm/hot cup of water first thing in the morning to gently wake up my digestive system. It warms my body and starts to bring in water to nourish my tissues.

rituals for feeling my best:

My meditation practice helps me feel my best. I may shift the type of meditation over time from somatic if wanting more connection inward, a mantra practice if my mind has something heavy on it and is spinning with thought, or even a walking meditation to move my body.

For me and some of my clients, there is a tendency to cling to a routine. The ritual becomes more about checking something off a “self-care” list than about really feeling in and offering our system a nourishing practice to help support it. After all, our bodies are our home.


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