Katie Kiresich

 Yoga Instructor

I teach Vinyasa Flow yoga on Thursday nights at 5:45 pm, Kundalini Yoga on Sundays at 10:30 am, and Yin Yoga on Sundays at 11:45 am. Kundalini yoga is a very special practice that focuses on the kundalini energy that is based at the bottom of the spine. We awaken this energy through meditation (dhyana), breath work (pranayama), chanting (mantra) and postures (yoga asana). In practice, kundalini yoga consists of basic hatha yoga postures put together in a different sequence. It is comprised of yoga kriyas which are movements aligned to breath work. Our kriyas are typically timed.

I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years. I started a personal practice in college, but it wasn’t until I lived downtown Chicago, worked full time in the financial industry and took graduate classes at night that I felt the true transformative nature and benefits of yoga. The weeks I’d practice, even just once, I felt lighter, clearer, and more peaceful. After receiving my MBA in 2009 I followed my heart to 7 Centers Yoga Arts in Sedona, AZ for two months to fully integrate myself into the yogic lifestyle. There I received my 200-hour certification in Hatha yoga, and have been teaching ever since. With a passion for learning of all types, I have continued the journey. In 2012 I received a 300-hour certification with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy out of Asheville, NC. I am a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level and a Certified Yoga Therapist from the International Association of Yoga Therapy (IAYT) at the 800-hour level. I am currently mid-way through a 200-hour Kundalini yoga teacher training in Los Angeles, CA. I am devoted to practicing and sharing all types of yoga.

wellbeing to me:

To me, wellbeing means peace and contentment in all aspects of ourselves:  mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical.

my wellbeing morning:

In the morning I love to do a dry body scrub followed by a hot shower and then apply some cooling coconut oil with a bit of my favorite essential oil(s). This month I’m loving grapefruit! I have also been doing the neti pot each morning. If I have time, I’ll take a hot bath instead of a shower. Also, time permitting, I will do a kundalini yoga set. If I don’t have a ton of time before work, I’ll do a bit of chanting. I end my wellbeing morning with a cup of coffee and writing in my journal :).

 go to beverage in the morning:

It is coffee first and tea second!

rituals for feeling my best:

Oddly enough, my morning routine as described here is what works best for me! I’ve tried many things in the world of wellbeing over time these specific activities are those that help me feel my best. Taking the time to warm, nourish and cleanse my body in various ways, as well as writing down my thoughts for the day, make me feel good. And, to me, feeling good is everything!

Join Katie for Vinyasa Flow yoga on Thursday nights at 5:45 pm, Kundalini Yoga on Sundays at 10:30 am, and Yin Yoga on Sundays at 11:45 am

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