Salt + Sound

Enjoy deeper relaxation before or after your treatment with one of our lounging therapies!

Do you need a break from the day to reset, relax, and rejuvenate? Walk-ins are welcome!

We set the room on the half-hour. Stop in when inspired to LOUNGE for wellbeing!



Salt Therapy

Breathing in the healing properties of salt has been around for 150 years. For an even deeper experience, book with Exhale’ afterward for enhanced renewal and relaxation.

30-min $35 | 60-min $60

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Sound Resonance Therapy

Layered music and vibrational therapies induce profound relaxation and stress reduction when resting in our loungers. Discover the rejuvenating power of sound resonance.

30-min $35 | 60-min $60

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I was led here during a day of healing for myself. What a wonderful place to end up! The 5-star service starts before you even walk in the door. The porch outside is such a welcoming area designed specifically for “hanging out”. The owner, Betsy, encourages people to stop and sit and relax. Once you step inside you are greeted by a fantastic staff dedicated to making your time there as enjoyable as possible. On this visit, I came for Sound resonance therapy. The treatment consists of 25 minutes in a zero gravity chair that vibrates along with the music playing through the headphones. The treatment is divine!

Tarena Z.