Breathing in the healing properties of salt has been a modern wellbeing practice for over 150 years, beginning in Poland where salt miners discovered that respiratory illness was unusual among their populations. Five Wellbeing now brings an Inhale Treatment to the spa to help support your wellness and self-care routines even more. So, what are the true benefits of having a salt room available? Let’s take a deeper look into halotherapy, or salt therapy.

Improved Health and Mood

Salt contains negatively charged ions that when inhaled can improve our health and mood. When we breath in the tiny particles, a sense of relaxation can be achieved. We also find that skin conditions and allergies can be eased by spending 30 minutes in a salt room. Salt has antibacterial properties that can help to prevent infections, boost immunity, and increases the amount of oxygen found in your blood (WebMD 2021).

Improved Breathing

Salt provides healing properties that can reduce inflammation and mucus found in our lungs. People who struggle with asthma, bronchitis, COPD, allergies and even cystic fibrosis have reported easing of symptoms after spending time in a salt room (Cleveland Clinic 2022). Salt therapy can also improve sinus health for better breathing.

Healthier Skin

Salt treatments naturally boost skin hydration, so your skin feels softer and looks more balanced. Salt also has potential to balance pH levels in your skin, reducing potential for eczema, acne and rosacea (WebMD 2021). There may even be benefits to improving wrinkles and slowing signs of aging.

Salt therapies do not have any notable side effects (WebMD 2021) so adding a 30-minute Inhale session to your next spa session can only benefit you. Come Inhale, relax, breath easily, reduce stress, and return to the world with a glow of salt from Five Wellbeing. Give yourself an extra special treat by also adding in Exhale, our sound resonance therapy for a profound relaxation event.




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