Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ruthie moved to Colorado in 1992 with her husband and two children. When she heard our Founder was opening a new local destination spa and learned about Betsy’s vision for the endeavor, she was so excited that she had to be a part of it. Ruthie has enjoyed watching the spa grow and is gratified by the guest relationships she has helped nurture over the years. For her, It is fulfilling to know that we have so many guests that are committed to Five Wellbeing because of the personalized attention and care we provide to further their wellbeing. In keeping with the family atmosphere that Ruthie has helped to cultivate, her daughter, Abby, is working at the front desk this summer.

As Spa Supervisor, Ruthie is in the unique position to also have the pleasure of speaking with all of our guests and so we asked her the following questions:

 Question: “Could you tell us about some of our current best selling products?”

Answer: “Our guests really love the CBD creams and serum from Mary’s Nutritionals because they are highly effective and infused with full-spectrum hemp extract. Their Muscle Freeze is also very popular and provides immediate relief from pain. The new Eminence skincare line is also flying off the shelves because it is affordable, organic, plant-based, and provides amazing results for all skin types.”

Question: “What is your favorite treatment right now?”

Answer: “I really like the Sugar/Salt Scrub in our Vichy shower, followed by a CBD Massage.  The sugar is more hydrating and salt is more exfoliating so it depends which you prefer, but regardless of which, I love the full-body exfoliation and how soft it makes my skin feel. The warm water rinse from the 7 head Vichy shower feels so good. This treatment cleanses and opens up all your pores so when you go into the CBD Massage, the oil is more easily absorbed into your skin. I find it so relaxing.”

Ruthie is excited to see you all soon and is looking forward to reconnecting with you!