Believe it or not, selecting a starting date to begin a new wellbeing habit is more important than lacing up your sneakers for your first run or walk. The date you begin a new wellbeing habit or start a new exercise class should be memorable, like a wedding date, a birthday, or a holiday. It should be considered as important as any other life event.  After all, it’s at the core of your life – the quality and longevity.  It is worth remembering the date you made that commitment to yourself.

Sure you can suddenly fly out the door to the gym exclaiming today is the day to begin your new workout routine or start a new wellbeing habit. But preparing for that day,  suddenly yearning for it, making it important builds up the energy for your wellbeing. And, more importantly, the likelihood you will actually create and stick to your new habit.

Take time to get ready. Do the things that will excite you about starting. Whether it is shopping for the perfect workout clothes or finding a workout partner, doing the things that inspire you will impact your success.

Figure out the days and times that will work best for your lifestyle. On your calendar put a slash through that time slot so you won’t inadvertently plan something else. Give this date and time priority in your schedule. Remember to consider the time before and after as it can become a great excuse to skip your workout. If travel time or showering will be required extend the time on your calendar.

Do all the things that you would do to prepare for other life events. Make it a big deal! Have fun.

In the end, whatever, wherever, and whenever you select a new wellbeing habit, make your time and space sacred. After all, it’s at the core of your life! It is worth remembering and celebrating the day you made the commitment to yourself. Make it sacred.