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Singing Bowl Concert

With Ann Martin

Sowing the Seeds of Change Mediation for a Fresh Perspective

April 3rd 2021 | 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM MST

A Meditative Sound Journey Celebrating Spring, Growth, and New Beginnings

The miraculous unfolding of the springtime seed is the inspiration for this meditative concert. Ann Martin, International Sound Meditation Artist, will present harmonic healing harmonies from sacred sound instruments to quiet the mind-chatter, so creativity can blossom and new ideas can come through. This online Zoom event will feature metal and crystal singing bowls, the crystal harp, and the 38” Wind Gong, plus a unique spoken visualization to help navigate to an inner source of deep relaxation and centeredness. The event ritual box contains a very special springtime keepsake that will be used to energize your meditation and add joy to upcoming days. Grab some headphones and get ready to float into your most uplifting springtime ever!

[Registration Fee is Non-Refundable | Registration Closes on 3/22/2021 for Out-Of-Town Guests and 4/2/2021 for Local Pick-Up at the Spa]

Introduction to Signing Bowls and Ann Martin

“Stress WELL” Meditation

Ann Martin

Ann Martin is a recognized authority on modern sound healing and meditation methods using singing bowls and gongs. She is the innovator and international instructor of the BLISSbowls™ series of 5-star online training courses, viewed in 81 countries and 22 languages, bringing a new level of insight around working with sound as medicine. Her 25 years in the Healing Arts and 30 as a professional musician, have made her a sought-after recording artist, published author, and keynote speaker. During the pandemic, Ann has continued performing innovative meditative concerts for audiences around the world via Zoom. Her focus, on creating healing harmonies with quartz crystal and metal singing bowls, is unique in the industry and highly effective for initiating lasting change in consciousness and deep relaxation in the body.


Immerse Yourself In A Sound Bath 

Take full advantage of this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the relaxing and healing powers of guided meditation with a singing bowl concert.

In the comfort of your home, Ann will create a sacred and safe space through the harmonic layer of sound.  The vibrations from the bowls produce a harmonious and restful experience ~ even online. This event is best experienced with headphones.

You will lay comfortably on the floor in a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed for 60-minutes. With your computer or mobile device, the event kit, and any other items [yoga mat, blank, pillow, headphones] you will experience the wonderful benefits of sound vibrations.

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Registration Includes:

  • One Hour Virtual Event with Ann Martin
  • Event Ritual Box with the Five Wellbeing Oils, a candle, a mug, tea, a seed bomb, and a meditation flower.

After you register for the event:

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  • Your Ritual Box for the event will arrive by mail.

Two days before the event:

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  • Final details for the event.

[Registration Fee is Non-Refundable | Registration Closes on 3/22/2021 for Out-Of-Town Guests and 4/2/2021 for Local Pick-Up at the Spa]

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