Deepen Your Spa Relaxation by adding a Sound Bath Enhancement

Elevate your spa experience with the profound tranquility of a sound bath. This is so much more than our traditional opening and closing ritual for your spa experience, where a short centering sound bath is conducted. Indulge in 15 minutes of pure serenity, seamlessly added to your chosen spa treatment, including massage, facial, or body wrap! 

Immerse yourself in a meditative state as harmonic resonances from Tibetan singing bowls wash over you. These soothing vibrations promote deep relaxation and a profound sense of inner peace, creating a transformative spa journey.

Enhanced Relaxation

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Improved Inner Peace

Upgrade your spa experience today for only $30 and discover a new level of well-being at Five Wellbeing spa!


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Read about the benefits of sound baths:

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