Have you ever heard of singing bowls? If not, don’t worry. You’re about to learn all about them and how they are used in a Five Wellbeing  spa treatment that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Singing bowls are tools used by practitioners to help their clients achieve a sense of balance and peace. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using singing bowls during spa treatments.

What are Singing bowls?

Singing bowls are small bowls made out of bronze, copper, or brass that are designed to produce vibration frequencies when struck with a mallet. The frequency produced by each bowl is said to be therapeutic and healing, helping to create a sense of relaxation and wellbeing in both the client and practitioner. The vibration helps to relax tight muscles and open up energy pathways, allowing blocked energy to flow freely throughout the body. This can lead to improved circulation, better sleep, reduced stress levels, and an overall feeling of balance and harmony.

How Singing Bowls are Used in Spa Treatments

Singing bowls are used as part of many of our Five Wellbeing spa treatments such as massage therapy or body scrubs. During these treatments, the practitioner will gently strike the bowl with a mallet while holding it over specific areas on the client’s body. This creates a gentle vibration which helps to relax tight muscles and release blocked energy in these areas. The sound produced by the bowl is also believed to have calming effects on both the mind and body, helping clients become more relaxed during their treatment session.

Benefits of Singing Bowls in Spa Treatments

The main benefit of using singing bowls during spa treatments is that they create an environment that encourages relaxation and wellbeing. This can be especially beneficial for those who are looking for relief from chronic pain or stress-related conditions such as headaches or insomnia. Using singing bowls during treatments can also help practitioners provide more personalized care as they work with their clients’ individual needs with greater precision than ever before.

In summary, singing bowls can be used as part of many different types of spa treatments including massage therapy or body treatment sessions. They provide soothing vibrations which help relax tight muscles while creating an overall feeling of balance and harmony within the body and mind. For those looking for relief from chronic pain or stress-related conditions, utilizing this tool during your next Five Wellbeing spa treatment might be just what you need! Contact us to schedule your massage or body treatment today.