This month, we bask in the celebration of the autumn harvest in appreciation for all the beauty and abundance it brings to our lives. Whether it’s an actual harvest or one that reflects the personal intentions set earlier in the year, this is the time to honor and rejoice in the bounty of all that has come to fruition. 

In Chinese Philosophy, October is the month we transition into the element of Metal.  Just as the trees lose their leaves, the energies of Metal encourage us to release and let go of that which no longer serves our highest good.  It illuminates the importance of structure, close friendships, and a healthy routine. When Metal is out of balance, it can cause disorganization, grief, and the inability to let go. Understanding how the seasonal elemental energies affect you helps to better prepare and take care of yourself each month.

As we enter the final quarter of the year, it’s a great time to reflect on the wisdom Metal offers and take a personal inventory of everything you have accomplished. I just completed this exercise personally. Consider any course corrections that need to occur to elevate your life to the next level and ask yourself the following questions:

Is there anything I need to release and let go of?

Does my current routine support the intentions I have made?

Could I adjust my schedule to free up more time for myself?

At Five Wellbeing, we consistently strive to implement positive changes to enhance your experience and support your wellbeing. I am pleased to announce that we have recently hired two new massage therapists and one new esthetician.  Scheduling a massage, body treatment or facial is easier now! If you are looking for treatments that help to “release and let go”, I highly recommend the Elemental Sound & Chakra Therapy and the Vichy Shower, which will wash away the old and welcome the new.

If you have never done a personal inventory before it is a great tool to use to keep you on track with your intentions. Here are some simple steps I have found helpful:

  • Make a list of the intentions you set earlier in the year.
  • Give an honest assessment of where you stand.
  • Write down all the things you have accomplished toward each goal.
  • Consider what needs to be prioritized, released, or added to stay on track.
  • Adjust your schedule or routine accordingly to make necessary changes.

I hope this exercise helps to reenergize you and that your month is filled with beauty, abundance, and a renewed sense of wellbeing.

In Wellbeing,