Welcome to the month of May!

What I value most about living in harmony with the five elements is how my awareness of their fundamental aspects enhances my wellbeing.

May is the final month to maximize the progressive energies of wood before we transition into the passionate energy of fire in June. A defining characteristic of wood is determination.

Determination is what fuels our growth and expansion; it is the driving force behind our intentions and is what transforms potential into reality. Sometimes you face situations that are challenging and don’t go as smooth as you would like, but it’s determination that gets you to the finish line so you can realize your goal.

I have been watching the power of determination play out over the last few weeks in different ways. My daughter, Hannah, is graduating soon and she is determined to make it through this final stretch before starting college in the fall.

At Five Wellbeing, we just upgraded our spa software and have been going through the growing pains of acclimating to a new system. It has been challenging at times, but I am thrilled because I know it will elevate our customer service and take the business to the next level.

You will now be able to confirm/cancel appointments with the click of a button and booking multiple guests is so much simpler. Whether it’s for a couple’s massage, a girl’s spa day or a treat for you and Mom for Mother’s Day, booking has never been easier!

What about you? Is there something you are determined to do this month? Here are some things the wisdom of wood would encourage you to consider:

  • Be open to new beginnings that enhance your growth and vitality
  • Be flexible with what presents
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Approach things with a positive attitude

I hope you have a wonderful month of May and best wishes to all the mother’s in our Five Wellbeing community for a very Happy Mother’s Day!

In Wellbeing,