March is the month we spring forward into action. This is the time in Chinese philosophy that we experience the harmonious transition from the nourishing winter element of water, into the expansive, determined and grounded energies of wood.  Wood is the element that brings new life. It propels our energy forward by giving us the creative impulse to bring our intended visions into form.

When wood is in balance, we feel optimistic, hopeful and confident in the direction our life is taking. I often give the example of a tree that is deeply rooted and secure in the ground, yet its branches are flexible, and they move and grow naturally with ease.

Out of balance, the energy of wood gets restricted and can cause you to feel unmotivated and insecure. For many it can bring feelings of anger and frustration. If this New Year has not brought everything you thought it would, now is the time to be determined to pivot and create from a higher perspective.

I am grateful for the wisdom that the element of wood teaches. It is exactly the reminder I needed to stay out of the negativity loop that I was recently on. Have you ever noticed that there can be so many things going right in your life and yet you focus on the few things that you perceive to be going wrong? That is exactly what happened to me. And I know better, so I am determined to watch where my thoughts and actions are directed. I am committed to aligning to the positive energies the wood element is imbued with. What are you determined to do this month?

Here are some easy ways to support your wellbeing and keep the element of wood in balance:

Get Moving – Movement helps release stagnant energy and lifts your mood to get you feeling motivated again.

Nourishing Food – Support the wood element in your system by drinking lemon water, peppermint and chamomile tea. Eat bitter greens such as dandelion, arugula, and nettles, along with sour foods like kimchi and yogurt. Try to avoid to many rich, heavy, greasy foods.

Ground – Grounding has such a beneficial impact on our health and wellbeing. Take off your shoes when you can and feel the immediate effect it has on your body, or come in and try our Elemental Sound and Chakra Therapy. This treatment will clear your mind, balance your chakras and ground you into a feeling of wellbeing that you will never want to leave – it is that transformative!

Most of all, remember that March is a transformational month. I hope you will join me in being determined to embrace all the beautiful changes this month brings.

In wellbeing,