The Yoga of Life

One of the many positive things that happened at Five Wellbeing during the pandemic was the birth of our new online virtual facial events. As our yoga studio came to a close, we were delighted that our esteemed yoga teacher, Venus Escallier, would be able to stay on to help us with the coordination of these events. As one door closes another one opens and that is exactly what happened for Venus. Here she speaks with us about what makes the virtual facials such a success and why everyone enjoys doing them. She also shares some of her wisdom about the three best yoga poses that everyone can do at home to elevate their self-care.

Making the transition

The transition was easy for me because I love Five Wellbeing and being part of this team. When the yoga studio closed, I wanted to continue to work at the spa. I am great with the planning and organization of things so when the virtual facials began to take off and I saw the high number of requests we were getting, I realized it would be beneficial to have one person with who guests could communicate. Things took off from there. While I still teach yoga, my real passion is helping people and making something good happen in their life and this allows me to do both.

What makes the Zoom Virtual Facial So Popular?

They are very affordable, a lot of fun and you get to experience a professional facial in the comfort of your own home while learning professional tips you can use for a lifetime. We offer private one-on-one sessions as well as groups for eight or more, so people have options. So many guests say that they did not realize that they could massage their facial muscles to visibly improve the signs of aging – and of course, everyone loves to receive our box of “goodies” with all the Eminence products delivered to their door. Our parties are a great way to celebrate and reconnect with friends from different areas. We do many virtual facials customized for a special event. Recent parties include a sweet sixteen, 40th birthday party, bridal event, and a ladies’ night. Each guest receives a specialty box delivered to their home in the theme of the party. They then call in on the night of the event. Everyone has a great time and the responses we get are amazing.

How Do Companies Benefit From Hosting A Virtual Facial Party?

Many companies are looking for a unique way to recognize their employees and this is a great solution for them. A lot of companies have employees working in different areas and this makes planning and coordinating easy for everyone. It is a wonderful way to acknowledge employees and give them something special that they will enjoy. We can accommodate all sizes and welcome customized requests. Some companies have even given them as gifts.

Sharing Her Wisdom – The Three Best Poses To Do At Home

Below are three simple poses anyone can do at home to keep you feeling at your best.

360-degree breath – Take a deep breath in and fill the breath all the way to the base of your lungs where your belly and your rib cage expands. Make sure it is full.

Pull the navel in towards the spine – as we go through our day, many of us don’t pay attention to our breath and it tends to be short and shallow – especially when we are anxious or nervous. It is important to pay attention to your breath and notice how you are breathing. Begin to start breathing consciously for a few minutes every day and it will help you.

Legs up the wall: Lay down and walk your legs up the wall so you are as close to a 90-degree angle as you can get. You can do this for up to 20 minutes every day. Whether you sit or stand a lot, the blood pools at the ankles, and this pose allows the body to release tension as it improves circulation. If you suffer from swelling, this is an excellent way to relieve swelling in the lower leg.

Pose of your choice – Place your head below your heart for at least a minute a day. It is very beneficial. It provides fresh circulation for the brain, helps with memory, and keeps you focused and alert.

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