Happy New Year! I love the month of January. For me, it is all about the excitement of moving my life forward. I am a big believer in the power of intention and each year I take time to sit quietly and think about what the previous year has taught me as well as what I am intending for the new year. Many people set New Year’s resolutions and are then disappointed when they don’t work.  I have found that resolutions put a lot of pressure on us because they tend to focus on some part of our lives where we think we are lacking and then we feel bad about ourselves for it. Intentions, on the other hand, align us with our purpose and when they are heart-centered, they direct the mind to focus on what we do want, rather than what we don’t.

Below are some tips that I have found helpful to consider when setting intentions and I hope they benefit you as well:

  1. Get clear. – Sit quietly, taking long deep breaths, until you are centered in your heart and ask yourself the following questions: What am I really passionate about? What would I like to cultivate more of in my life? What is working really well for me? What areas of my life need some attention and what positive changes can I make towards that?
  2. Write it out – Writing things down helps the mind to focus.
  3. Create a word, phrase, or mantra that describes your intention- Take time to Pause+Shift+Reflect on it daily to ensure you stay in alignment with what you are intending.
  4. Take action – Each day, take a necessary step towards what you are intending to bring into your life.
  5. Let go and trust – Intentions are much more powerful when they come from a place of trust that what you are intending is on the way and will be delivered in the perfect time and space.

We have entered into a new decade and one that I know
holds much promise for a bright future if we stay focused on the betterment of our communities, our planet and ourselves. Our Five Wellbeing Studio and Spa community is growing rapidly and we intend to be a place of consistent learning and support for you as we move forward together into 2020. I hope you find the special packages we have put together below helpful
in inspiring you to stay committed to your wellbeing.

May you all embrace this New Year filled with the joy and promise of positive results from your good intentions.

Happy New Year!