I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is getting excited about all the new opportunities the fall will bring. Its back to school time so for many of us it feels like the beginning of a new year.

In the theory of the five elements, we are in the final month of the earth element, before transitioning into what is our “harvest” time in October and November. September is the time to consider how you are nurturing yourself and the things that are important to you so you may reap the benefits of your efforts in the coming months. Are you feeling good about where you are in your life right now or are there some areas that might need more attention?

Nurturing ourselves and the things that bring value to our lives is fundamental to our wellbeing. Taking the time for consistent self-care is one of the best ways I know of for nourishing your mind, body and spirit. When I developed the spa menu, I purposely included  unique services like our Elemental Sound & Chakra Therapy and Lounge Therapies for you to experience the profound bliss of what happens when you allow yourself to just let go and surrender to the body’s innate ability to nurture and heal. You feel healthier, happier and everything in your life benefits from it.

I recently learned a tough lesson about what happens when we don’t take the time to nurture what is important to us. There is a large area of grass around one of the back buildings at the spa that has been flourishing due to all the rain we had in May, June and July. I didn’t worry about watering it because I knew it didn’t need it. Now the heat has come and it feels like an incinerator outside. But because I wasn’t paying enough attention to the grass and focusing on other things, I forgot to set the sprinklers and the grass has now died. This may not seem like a huge deal, but I was really upset about it and found it to be a metaphor for what happens when we take our attention away from the things that are important to us. We make assumptions, we get busy and before you know it, there is a problem.

Oddly enough, I was driving home one night after that and passed by a stunning golf course with perfectly manicured lawns for the golfers to enjoy playing on and thought, “Well, there you go…what we nurture and take care of develops and grows, and grows beautifully – and what we don’t, suffers or dies.”

Lets commit to nurturing ourselves and the things that are important to us this month. I know that one of the things that is most important to me is our Five Wellbeing community. I am so grateful for all of you and it is my sincere hope that when you come in to see us that you feel welcome, valued, nurtured, and cared for.

In Wellbeing,