Here come the holidays! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and most of us will spend time this month reflecting on all the things we are grateful for. However, gratitude is something I have learned is a practice that benefits me throughout the entire year.

Practicing gratitude daily helps me to stay focused on the positive and increases my resilience during difficult times.

Research shows that people who practice gratitude every day are not only happier but also healthier. It shifts your perspective from the negative to the positive and brings a more peaceful outlook to your life.

As we head into the holiday season, remember to take a moment to pause if you begin to feel stressed or overwhelmed and ground yourself in the feeling of gratitude. Notice how it allows you to be more compassionate, flexible and forgiving. I am sincerely grateful for the inner strength and resilience it brings to me and appreciate experiencing the gratitude and resilience of others in my circle.

If you don’t currently have a daily gratitude practice in place, I would highly recommend it. It feels good to reflect on the things you experienced during the day to be grateful for and you will find yourself looking forward to what the next day brings.

Here is a simple way to get you started – it will truly elevate your wellbeing:

  • Think about three things you were grateful for that day before you go to bed.
  • Include simple things, such as the beautiful flowers you saw on your walk, or the person who held the door open for you – it doesn’t have to be anything big.
  • Reflect on those things that made you happier during the day. Doing this allows you to recognize how much there is to be grateful for and the multitude of blessings each day brings.
  • Write each one down. Writing them down enhances the effectiveness and if you want to start keeping a daily journal, even better!
  • Notice the benefits of gratitude each day by paying attention to how quickly you start feeling better.

I am sending you all much gratitude and appreciation and on behalf of all of us at Five Wellbeing, wish you and your families a very healthy, Happy Thanksgiving!

In Wellbeing,