Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa Partners with Whole Life Challenge

The program begins January 19, 2019, and is open to Metro Denver participants

Littleton, Colo. — Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa (Five Wellbeing), a Littleton-based day Spa and yoga destination, recently partnered with Whole Life Challenge to bring the first of four 2019 Whole Life Challenges to the Spa. The Whole Life Challenge program begins January 19, 2019, and offers participants the opportunity to focus on their 2019 health and wellness goals.
Based upon the Spa’s five elements of water, fire, metal, wood, and earth, Five Wellbeing’s Whole Life Challenge lasts three months, and additional three-month challenges will be offered into 2019. The challenge is designed to help participants adopt seven daily healthy habits, leaving attendees feeling rested, energetic, present, strong, healthy and perhaps even happier.
“We are a community- and clientele-dedicated Spa and Studio,” says Betsy Abrams, Five Wellbeing’s founder, and owner. “Our 2019 Whole Life Challenge extends our mission of cultivating wellness, happiness, and community beyond the Spa. We carefully sought out an adjunct to our Spa’s offerings and the Whole Life Challenge brings everything good and ‘becoming better’ to all of our Spa’s clientele.”
Throughout the three-month challenge, Five Wellbeing offers all guests complimentary:
“The Whole Life Challenge also offers an accountability element,” says Abrams. “Participants log into the Whole Life Challenge site and become a ‘player’ on a team. It’s fun, not competitive, and the end result is a tight-knit group, who are held accountable to each other, and who take their fitness beyond simple health.”
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