Magnesium Wellness Wrap

60 min / $145

Delivering magnesium to promote detoxification and replenish commonly deficient mineral levels, this treatment also promotes healthier energy levels, better sleep, and muscle function. Hand-harvested concentrated salts re-mineralizing with 60 essential minerals to nourish and balance.

Detoxifying Clay Wrap

60 min / $145

For hundreds of years, Moroccan clay has been used for its skin conditioning, therapeutic and detoxifying properties. In this treatment, a lymphatic drainage exfoliation is performed with dry brushing techniques enhancing blood circulation. Included are a yummy hair and scalp treatment.

Infusing Vitamin Wrap*

90 min / $178

In this spirulina-algae wrap, nutrient-rich superfoods stimulate circulation, collagen production, and cell turn over. It is a head-to-toe service that includes a facial mask, scalp massage, ear pressure point therapy and reflexology making this a dreamy way to drift away.

*not recommended for people with allergies to iodine, pregnant, high blood pressure or heart conditions

Skin Replenishing Sugar Scrub

50 min / $125

Restores vital hydration that is lost in our dry Colorado climate. A white magnolia, wild prickly pear, and ruby red pomegranate lotion application makes this service just yummy.

Skin Correcting Bamboo Scrub

50 min / $125

Exfoliates with fruit enzymes to refine and brighten skin texture. Organic ginger oil is blended with multi-vitamin firming cream and nutrient-rich algae making your skin red-carpet-ready.

Anti-inflammatory Salt Scrub

50 min / $125

Utilizes fossilized desert salts to exfoliate dry skin. To finish, soothing sage and lavenders suspended in an exquisitely blended lotion, melt away muscle and joint soreness.