Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa Certifies as Denver Area’s First Wellness for Cancer Facility

Denver Spa Committed to Meeting Needs of Cancer Patients and Their Caregivers.


For Immediate Release:  October 1, 2018


LITTLETON, Colo. – Betsy Abrams, the founder of Five Wellbeing Studio + Spa, understands the ravages of cancer. Abrams lost her husband to pancreatic cancer six years ago. His last wish for her was to follow her dream of opening the state-of-the-art spa she had always envisioned. From day one, certifying as a Wellness for Cancer facility was at the heart of Abrams’ dream.

“We recognize that people who are sick want to be treated normally just like we all do,” Abrams said. “When you are sick, you’re told no a lot. Many spas turn people away when they have cancer because they don’t know what to do. Now that we have completed the Cancer Aware program, we can offer our full menu of massage, facials, hydro-therapies, rejuvenating therapies and restorative yoga to everyone. We know what to do.”

The Cancer Aware program developed by Wellness for Cancer, a Colorado-based 501 c (3) charity, provides accredited training for the spa industry worldwide in working with anyone touched by cancer. Proceeds from the Cancer Aware training fund the charity’s outreach programs. The organization partners with cancer centers, oncology specialists, integrative medicine specialists and wellness professionals to ensure an evidence-based approached to their protocol.

Abrams said her entire staff, including front desk guest services and all managers, completed the rigorous training. Five Wellbeing guests who have been touched by cancer are not red-flagged in a separate category. From the moment a guest calls the front desk, the same private conversation begins as with every guest. Individualized notes are made in a guest’s confidential file, the therapist reviews the notes and is prepared to personalize treatment.

“For example,” Abrams explained, “a therapist would already know a guest is undergoing chemotherapy, has a port, where it is located, and how to adjust the treatment. There is no need for a guest to experience the uncomfortable re-telling of their cancer diagnosis or treatment. Whether the guest has requested a personalized light touch massage, a facial on our float table or to recline in our resonance sound therapy room, it is a feeling of normalcy they most want—a day at the spa to de-stress like anyone else, confident they are in capable hands.”

Abrams added that the Five Wellbeing program will include the needs of caregivers and recalled her own experience as a caregiver for her husband. “At the time, my daughter was only five years old. I remember how extremely stressed I was running from doctors to pharmacies while caring for my family. We are committed to honoring caregivers’ needs to reduce their stress.”

Five Wellbeing will honor National Caregiver month in November with special promotions. In addition, ongoing package discounts are planned for the caregivers visiting the spa with guests who are directly affected by cancer. Other changes Abrams plans to implement for the wellbeing of all guests include longer sessions to ensure adequate time for individualized treatment as well as adding CBD massage to the spa menu. CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound in cannabis which makes marijuana both medicinal and therapeutic yet is not psychoactive. CBD massage is deeply relaxing while reducing pain and inflammation.

“Wellbeing is what we are all about,” Abrams said. “Wellbeing is an inside job. In order for you to feel good on inside you have to take care of your being. That involves reducing your stress, taking time for yourself, and letting other people care for you. It is our mission to care for you as the one-of-a-kind being that you are.”