Is your glass half-full or half-empty?

Spring has officially arrived and the seasonal energies of the element of Wood continue to encourage us to create, grow and expand. One of the descriptive words I value most about Wood is optimism. While I generally feel more optimistic in the spring, I recognize that having an optimistic outlook is not an event it, it is a process.

Optimism is defined as: “Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something.” It is a state of mind that reflects a positive mental attitude that illuminates the best in all you do or experience.

This is a pivotal time of year and how we perceive things significantly influences our outcomes. It’s important to note that when Wood is out of balance, anger, frustration and hopelessness can arise. Paying attention to cultivating and maintaining a healthy mindset this spring is essential to our wellbeing.

There are “glass half-full” people in all our lives and they are such a joy and inspiration to be around. Their optimistic attitude is evident in the way they approach life and its many challenges. They are inclined to see setbacks as opportunities for growth and focus their attention on the positive side of things. While situations can appear to be going “wrong” around them, they stand in a place of trust and faith. They recognize that even though things aren’t going as they planned, everything is all right and is working its way towards a favorable outcome.

Conversely, there are the people who live their lives from the perspective of “glass half-empty.” While we all experience this from time to time, these people consistently focus on the negative. They are always concerned about what is, or might go wrong. They tend to get stuck in feelings of judgment, lack and fear and have a very difficult time moving out of their comfort zone to embrace change.

The message of Wood I have learned is to realize that perspective influences everything. Ultimately, being optimistic about things is so much easier than being negative about them – and it feels so much better. This month, try to think that no matter what happens to you, whether you view it as a positive or a negative, that the universe is conspiring for you.

Have a wonderful month of April and I look forward to seeing you at the spa soon!

In wellbeing,