We are beginning the month of February and I am just starting to feel like we are actually in a New Year. If you didn’t hit the ground running on January 1st you’re not alone. I spent a lot of time in reflection during the first few weeks and it feels good to see things starting to move now.

Last month, we touched on how the element of water encourages us to connect with our inner wisdom and live from a place of trust – especially when unexpected things happen or don’t go as we had planned. One of my intentions this year is to fully embrace the power of this truth. I am realizing that being patient with myself, and staying flexible with what comes my way, is the path to get me there.

Flexibility for me in this case, is about deciding not to put the things I would like to have manifest this year in a box. Rather, It’s about staying open to what this New Year can bring in. Choosing to allow in this way makes me feel like I’ve got more control over desired outcomes, because I have moved out of the way of what is trying to happen for my highest good. It elevates my mindset and alleviates the tendency to feel discouraged, or question if I am on the right path, when things don’t present as quickly as I thought, hoped or planned.

One of the greatest benefits of staying in a place of trust and flexibility is that it connects you to your inner power and potential. It naturally releases all resistance. You become more creative, optimistic and resilient. The challenges you face become opportunities to grow and you begin to see things from a higher perspective.

I hope this inspires you as you begin to navigate the New Year. Next month we move into the element of Wood and that is when everything starts to blossom. So take advantage of this time to consider where you might be able to be more open and flexible with what you have intended and above all, remain in a state of trust.

Have a great month and Happy Valentines Day to you all!

In Wellbeing,