Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is excited about all the possibilities that lay ahead in 2024.

We welcome each New Year with the winter seasonal elemental of water. This season is still a time for deep contemplation and self-reflection about the year ahead. How you choose to focus your creative energy during this time directly effects what will blossom for you in the spring.

As I was contemplating my “Out With The Old, In With The New” list that I talked about last month, something unexpected happened in my life that really threw me and broke my trust. It raised the questions, “What do we do when life throws us something completely unexpected? How do we maintain a state of balance and wellbeing?” I turned to the wisdom of water to look for an answer. Water governs our emotions. When in balance, it teaches trust. Out of balance, you can experience the opposite, which is fear.

If you have ever been river rafting, you know that there are always unexpected twists and turns. You are floating along and all of a sudden, you hit the rapids. Often, fear and chaos set in. In the moment, you feel like nothing is going to be okay, but eventually you get your bearings and are out of the rapids again. The water is calm and you can relax – until the next rapid hits. Only this time, you are more prepared because you’ve had time to regroup and strategize. You trust that you will know what to do so you don’t find yourself in turmoil again.

In many ways, that’s what life is like. There is always going to be some form of a rapid that hits. Some are bigger than others, but you are always left with the opportunity to rebuild, revamp or refocus in a fresh new way. Staying in a place of trust gave me the peace of mind I needed to move forward effectively. It served as a great reminder to stay committed to what I know to be true. I hope the wisdom I gained serves you as well as you journey through 2024.

On behalf of all of us at Five Wellbeing, we wish you a healthy and Happy New Year!

In Wellbeing,